Adjust Brightness of Your Android Mobile Flashlight While Using it as Torchlight With This App

Adjustable TorchWe have many applications for iOS as well as Android smartphones to use the mobiles flashlight as a torch. We can use the flashlight as a torch, but we cannot adjust the brightness of the torch with those apps. But now, with this ‘Adjustable Torch’ application for android devices, we can adjust the brightness of the Flash according to the environment.

Adjustable Torch, which is developed by the senior member of xda-developers allows us to torch at different brightness levels. It is tested on Samsung Galaxy S4 and they also saying that this app will work with devices having ‘rear_flash’ file. When we install and run this app is it will automatically tell whether it is compatible with our device or not. It is compatible for android version 4.0 and higher.

This app is an open source and it is licensed under GPLv3. You can download this app from the xda-developers Forum. Please read warnings and permissions carefully so that you may not have any difficulties for using this app.

Test this app with your android device and report results to us.

[Source: Xda Developers]


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