Book a Dining Table and Refer to TV Show Listings Directly from Facebook Pages

Facebook Mobile App UpdateFacebook has updated its mobile app with two new features which is helpful for people as well as businesses. More than 800 million people access Facebook from their mobile device every month. People often visit a company’s page in which they are interested, So Facebook updated its iOS mobile with some features for Facebook pages.

Now people of North America can book dining tables directly from the OpenTable restaurants Facebook pages. With this feature, they can book dining tables for more than 20,000 OpenTable restaurants.

It is easier to find shows and movies which will be aired on TV through this update. People who use iOS devices can see the information on US primetime TV and movie pages. So, if you want to refer the TV timings, visit a particular channel Facebook page.

This update is only available for iOS devices. Download Facebook iOS app from iTunes.

[Source: Facebook for Business]


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