Dog Lovers are More Than Cat Lovers

Dog LoversThere are many people who love their pets and animals. According to a study conducted by Public Policy Polling, it was found that 6 in 10 voters said they own a pet and 46% of the people say that they spend 1-5 hours per week for taking care of them, while 25% spend between 6-10 hours, 7% 11-20 hours, 6% more than 20 hours and 16% less than one hour.

33% people liked to spend time with their pet than other humans and Almost a third (31%) say their pets sleep in the bed with them. Majority are dog lovers as 52%like dogs and only 21% love cats.

Women are high pet lovers as 64% women own a pet than 58% of men. Get full details of this report by visiting Public Policy Polling.

So, which pet do you love the most? Dog, Cat, Horse or Tiger!


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