Find Free Condoms in Need With this Condom Finder App for iOS [18+]

NYC Condom Finder - Free Condom Finder app for iOSWant a condom immediately? Don’t worry, this app will help you to find a condom and that for free. This app is only for New York City people having iOS devices.

NYC Condom Finder, is an app developed by NYC Health to help people of NYC to find a free condom in sudden need. This app will scan 3000 locations of places where free condom is distributed and directs you to nearest 5 locations using your iOS device GPS. Amazing!

Well, this app is not updated since long time, so test it when you are in need. This app can be used by under-age teens. One must be careful before installing this NYC Condom Finder app.

What do you say about this app? Please share your opinions.

Update: NYC Condom Finder app is available for Android and Blackberry too. Get it for Android as well as Blackberry.



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