Google Doodle – Lunar New Year 2013 and Barranquilla Carnival

Today we have 5 Google doodle’s. I will give details of the doodle and the importance of this day.

Lunar New Year Vietnam:

Lunar New Year 2013 - Vietnam

Today is most important and popular holiday and festival in Vietnam. This day of New Year is the marking on the arrival of spring in Lunisolar calendar, which is same in Chinese calender. They celebrate this day by cooking special holiday recipes, giving gifts, etc.

As you can see this Google, 2 bowls with food and that girl is giving something green colored box to her friend. That green colored box is called Bánh chưng. This is the main food related to this festival. It is tightly packed sticky rice with meat or bean fillings wrapped in Dong leaves. Dong means Phrynium placentarium leaves( I too don’t know ). And, other similar dish called bánh dầy, which will be in circular shape. The two packing represent Earth(rectangle) and sky(circular).On this day new shops are opened, I think that ‘G’ represents to that.

[Source: Lunar New Year Vietnam]

Lunar New Year Chinese:

Lunar New Year 2013 - China

This is the most important day of the Chinese people as it is New Year of the Chinese calendar. It is mainly known as the spring festival and this will continue till the Lantern Festival,15th day of the first month. This New Year is celebrated in the country’s and territories of China.

In this doodle, a Lantern is hooked to ‘G’. Lantern festival is on 15th day of the first month of Chinese calendar. The starting dates of the New Year are represented with an animal. In 2012, animal was Dragon and this year it is a Snake.

[Source: Lunar New Year Chinese]

Lunar New Year Korea:

Lunar New Year 2013 - Korea

This is the starting day of Korean Lunar calender. This Doodle is simple and has a ancient rock calender. But I don’t see any Google Logo formation, please help on that.

[Source: Lunar New Year Korea]

Barranquilla Carnival:

Barranquilla Carnival

This is the Colombia’s most important folklore celebration and biggest carnival of the world. I like to watch this festival very much. You know why :)

[Source: Barranquilla Carnival]