How to Get Real-Time Visitors to a Blog or Website?

Getting Real-Time Visitors to a Blog or WebsiteGetting visitors is the main problem for a blog, which is just starting or in the middle of the blogging race. This blog is started long time ago, but due to some problems, I was unable to update. I’ve shared story on my personal blog Attractive-Blogger.

Well, there are many ways of getting traffic through Search Engines, Social Networking sites, Social Bookmarking sites, Commenting and many more. But how to get real time visitors to a blog or website? This is the problem I too faced. I was getting visitors through search engines mainly and second comes to social networking sites. So, today I want to list out ways of getting real time visitors.

Social Networking Sites:

When we say Social Networking Sites, the main sites come to our mind are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. This is because of the majority of the people are using these sites and click on the links which helps them. So, we can share our work to the networking sites and build loyal readers, which will increase day-by-day.

Getting traffic from networking sites takes some time, so we have to wait and after getting loyal readers from these sites, you get real time visitors.

Social Bookmarking Sites:

This is another way of getting real time visitors to your blog or website. People frequently visit top Bookmarking sites for getting new information, so if you bookmark your best article chances are there for getting real time visitors. If your work is unique, some popular news blogs  like Mashable, take your article and post into their blog. And this one also takes some time for people to get used to your blog posts.


Well, StumbleUpon is a Social Bookmarking site, but I’ve listed it differently because this is the main player for getting real time visitors even if you don’t used it before. StumbleUpon is a great place for getting new unique visitors to your blog or website. They are genuine and if they like your articles, they will stumble which gives more unique visitors.

Actually I’ve listed out two main sources for getting real time visitors one is Social Networking Sites and other one is Social Bookmarking Sites. StumbleUpon is related to Social Bookmarking Site and is the main player for getting real time traffic.

If you know any other ways, Please let me know.