Manage Your Twitter Account With These 3 Services

I always wonder how can I unfollow Twitter users who are not following me back. I wanted Twitter users who are genuine and visit Twitter allot. So, to unfollow those users I’m just viewing their profile and who is not following me even they are using twitter regularly, I unfollowed them.

But above process is very difficult. So, I searched and found that some services are offering same feature. I’ve found many services, but among all, some are best and I’m listing them.



This is the service which I tried. It is very great as it easily calculates your unfollowers, followers and mostly it is free. It has a day limit of 50 unfollowers and 50 followers. If you want to try it, please visit If you want Android app, then visit Android – Justunfollow.

2) Tweepi:


The more followers you get, the more your identity will increase. But, what if you have been followed by undesirable twitter users? They follow you but you don’t want them to follow you, In that case Tweei will help you. You can force them to unfollow you with this service. To try it, please visit Tweepi.

3) Brandchirp:


This is a paid service. You can signup for a 30 day free trail offer. In this service, I have found one feature which is very interesting and that is called ‘Brand Watch’. If you want to know tweets about any particular brand, search the brand and you will get list of tweets about that brand. You can simply follow or reply to those tweets. You can setup RSS feed for your twitter account. It has many more features, so try it now by visiting¬†Brandchirp.

Above listed services are best for managing your twitter. Among those 3, I liked Justunfollow, because it is simple and ads free. But it’s drawback is that to enjoy full service, we have to upgrade.

All other services are great too. If you have used any, please share your experiance.