PayPal Beacon Makes Your PayPal Experience Even More Easier and Better

PayPal Beacon - Gadget for Merchants and PayPal CutomersI must say , PayPal is awesome. Because the work they are doing to improve the customer’s experience with buying products through PayPal. Recently, PayPal has updated its iPhone and android app, making customers to use their mobile technology for paying bills and ordering items.

Now, PayPal is moving a step forward to make customer’s even more ahead of time by using PayPal. PayPal is ready to release a gadget called PayPal Beacon, which automatically detects the person’s PayPal account, if he or she installed a PayPal app on their smart devices. With the help of this gadget and PayPal app on smart devices, it will be more easier to pay the bills and ordering items instantly.

PayPal Beacon is the device which connects to PayPal app with the help of Bluetooth low energy technology whenever you enter a store. Both customers and merchants can take advantage of using this gadget for PayPal transactions without any hassle. Okay, now what about your privacy? PayPal Beacon site clearly says that they will not track our locations, so we can manage the privacy to Turn On or to Turn Off for automatic connection with beacon. PayPal is calling developers who wanted show their creativity in developing this gadget.

As people always wanted to be ahead of time, PayPal is giving this opportunity to their user’s through this device. What do you say about this gadget? Please share your opinion.

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