Play Grand Theft Auto 5 in PC on September 17, 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 for PCLike me, many gamers doesn’t have a Playstation 3 or a Xbox 360 to play some of the most amazing games which are going to release this year. We can play those games in two different ways. First one is to buy those consoles or using emulators for those consoles on our PC’s.

Grand Theft Auto 5 which will be released on September 17, 2013 many gamers will not be able to play due to lack of those two consoles. But we may be able to play those much awaiting games including GTA 5 on our PC with the help of PS3 Emulator.

Well, I can’t guarantee you that it will work on PC or not because they are new games with most advanced graphics and high volume consuming games. But we may test our luck by trying them on our PC. When it comes to PC, we much have high configured PC’s.

I’m just giving the hint because I’m the one you dreaming about this game on my PC. Lets see if it will work or not. What do you think about playing GTA 5 on PC? Will you try or wait 6 to 7 Months for PC version? Please share your opinions.


Amazon: Grand Theft Auto V (Special Edition) (Rockstar Games) [$79.96]



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