What do You Prefer, Free Apps or Paid Apps?

Flurry Free Apps ReportNowadays, most of the people are using smartphones that are running on various platforms. Android and iOS platforms are used widely, so there are most of the apps for these platforms.

In a recent study, which was conducted by flurry, apps analytics has found that many users are opting for free apps even developers are running ads on their Apps. They have made a detailed report with the help of their 350,000 apps that use flurry analytics.

People attract to the content which is free and same applies for the apps. Between 2010 and 2013, the percentage of apps using flurry analytics that were free varied between 80% and 84%, but by 2013, 90% of apps in use are free.

Apps are widely used in major platforms like android and iOS. When it comes to iOS devices, iPad users spend more money on apps rather than iPhone users. When it comes to android users, they are willing to have free apps rather than paid apps.

The complete report can be found on Flurry Blog.

[Source: Flurry Blog]