Where to Find Serious Players for Playing Facebook ‘Criminal Case’ Game?

Facebook Game - Criminal CaseI played Facebook Criminal Case game only up to level 2 (I think so!). But when we deal with Level 3, more players are needed to unlock. And several people are addicted to this game. There are over 10 Million players are playing this game.

So, for us to play we need to have more players as we level up. But, where do we find players. There are two places where we could find players who are genuine. I’m listing them here.

1) Criminal Case Facebook Fan Page:

This is the place where we can find players who will help us. Whenever a new post comes to this Fan page, many people are coming to this page and sharing their details about the game. Many are requesting to add them to play this game.

So, what you have to do? Simply send add requests to the people who are asking to add for playing this game. Send a message to them, asking to add you for playing ‘Criminal Case’. There are many to add your request as they want players too.

Comment on the posts with ‘add me’ requests, but you have to be careful. Don’t comment too much as it will be like spamming the page. Visit Criminal Case – Official Fan Page.

2) Gamers Unite:

This is the second place where you will find serious Criminal Case players. Just add them your profile and wait for players. Visit Gamers Unite – Criminal Case Add Me.

So, above are two place where you will find serious players. And don’t send Criminal Case requests to all of your friends, only send requests to people who are willing to play like you. Enjoy the Game!