Why ‘Angry Birds Friends’ is Trending on Facebook?

Angry Birds FriendsAngry Birds, you will definitely become addictive to this game. It is simple and has nice graphics. Due to its popularity, Angry Birds creator Rovio Mobile Ltd. has released different types of Angry Birds games into the market.

Angry Birds Friends is trending in Facebook Games, which can be played with our Facebook friends. It is being played by over 10 Million people and it is available for different platforms. Well, why it is trending and played by most of the people? As I have already said that it is very addictive.

Angry Birds Friends is played with the help of Facebook friends and by playing tournaments, we can unlock different levels every week. We can challenge Facebook friends for different trophies, we can invite friends and get daily rewards for playing.

So try Angry Birds Friends with your friends. Get this app from Google PlayiTunes and Facebook.