Why We Should Embed The New Google Plus Follow Button to Our Website or Blog?

Google PlusGoogle plus is one of the top social networking sites used by people around the world. When we visit any blog or website, we are most likely to find Google plus follow button. Recently, Google has improved the look of Google plus follow badge.

Why We Should Embed this new follow button?

This follow Button has changed a lot, when we want to follow a website or blog on Google plus, it shows a different categories to follow or make friends and changes the colour of the follow button after we follow that particular site.

We have new and updated follow buttons for our profiles and pages too, we can add badge to our Google Plus community’s for better recognition of our community.

It will be the new way for visitors to follow our website pages. I have recently updated my website with new Google plus badge which is somewhat big and can easily attract visitors. If you want to follow my page or profile, please look at the sidebar.

[Source: Google Blog]


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