Xbox One VS PS4: Which Console got More Game Pre-Orders?

Xbox One vs PS4 - Battle of Pre-OrdersOMG! The ending of 2013 will be a blast for gamers. Two amazing gaming consoles PS4 and Xbox One are going to release. As Xbox One release date is confirmed, now the real pre-order battle will begin.

Now, who is in the top of game pre order charts among the two? Well, both are amazing consoles, but pre-orders of games will decide the interest of gamers among the both. According to VGChartz, PS4 is in top with 600,000 game pre-orders while Xbox One has 350,000 game pre-orders till August 24, 2013.

As the release date of Xbox One is confirmed which is November 22, 2013, we have to see whether gamers are interested to play Xbox One first or not. PS4 is set to release on November 15, 2013.

What is your favorite gaming console, PS4 or Xbox One? Please share your opinions.

[Source: VGChartz]


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